Ignoring these 10 things on FACEBOOK can cause big losses

On social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Unless we share something every day or show things related to Marra's life every day, then our life seems to be incomplete because we are used to living like this. 

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The reason for this is sometimes to get people's attention, sometimes to make yourself famous and sometimes to share some important information with people. The constant likes, comments, and reactions on Facebook are undoubtedly making you feel good, but sometimes they can have a bad effect which can harm your personal life. We are telling some such precautions which are important to keep in mind on Facebook.

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1. Sharing excessive personal information on Facebook

Before ever posting something on Facebook, double-check how much personal information you are sending on the social platform because there are so many people in your friend list and how you can take advantage of your information. Always think once before posting anything.

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2. Never get drunk using Facebook or any social media website

We all know that one should not drive after a drink but in the same way, Facebook should also be avoided if there is a drink. When drunk, you can also share such things with people that you do not want to share with every person privately.

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3. Do not add any person to your friend list without knowing

If you have 800 friends on your friend list, it does not mean that they are all your friends. So, without any reason, take care before adding any unknown person on a Facebook account. This is a platform where you post many of your personal information that you should not share with every single person you know.

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4. Pay special attention to privacy settings

It is not mandatory to make every information in your profile public. Such information includes the name of your school or college as well as your home town. Rather, you should also show a post to the same people who are related to it. It is not necessary that all your information is shared with every person on the Friend List.

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5. Do not disclose your home, school, college and office address or timings

We often make this mistake and we make it easy for a stocker or a criminal by sharing any information related to our home, school, college and office address or timing on Facebook. So always avoid sharing this kind of information.

Ignoring these 10 things on FACEBOOK can cause big losses

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6. Sharing photos or information about your children or family members

It is best if you can keep your children away from the Facebook account. But if you are posting a family photo, then keep in mind that more information does not go out of the photos. This includes things like what your children like to eat, their school time or school name, etc.

7. Do not show off wealth

If you have bought a new car, or have incurred a big expense, then keep these things private and do not show it publicly. Posting this kind of stuff can put you in unknown troubles.

8. Abusing Facebook Messenger or Using Hate Speech

Never talk on Facebook using abusive language because people can often take such screenshots and use them against you.

9. Do not share photos of personal documents like passports, flight tickets, certificates, etc.

You get excited and share the picture of passport, certificate or degree, etc., which is a big mistake and can get you in trouble. This is personal information and it should keep you away from social media. Apart from this, it is also not right to put your flight tickets on Facebook before any vacation starts.

10. Keep a special eye on the friend list

Keep checking your Facebook profile every once in a while and if such people are in your friend list that you do not stay in touch or do not need them in your friend list then keep on unfolding 

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