This is how to identify fake job offers

This is how to identify fake job offers


  • Asking for money
  • Incomplete description

In the era of Internet development, everything is easily available on the Internet, but along with its advantages, many disadvantages can also be faced. At present, we search for jobs from shopping, banking, cab booking, food orders to the Internet itself. There are many job portals where you can search for jobs. But some fraudsters can also get you caught in the name of fake job offers by creating fake company profiles. We are telling some things from which you can know whether any job offers are real or fake?

Asking for money

Many fraudsters may ask you for money in the name of getting a job, which you never get back nor is given a job in return. These fake companies cheat you by calling you a refundable amount.

Ask for confidential information

If the recruiter asks you for confidential information such as credit card / Aadhaar / PAN number, etc. then be sure to handle it.

Incomplete description

If the details of the job are not given in the email or message received, it can still be a fake job offer. Please confirm the companies before leaving.

Easy offering

If claims are being made in the email like hiring immediately, then there is a need to investigate.

More than expected

If you are being offered a salary that is unexpected and cannot be trusted, then check the company thoroughly.

Fake job portals

If you are being referred to such job portals which are not really present, then do not get caught in their net.

Company website

If the URL of a website has been given in the email, then check its reality and if the URL of the website does not exist, then demand it and after checking properly take the next step.

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