Online ATM Be Alert: What to pay attention while withdrawing money from ATM?

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Hello friends, welcome to all of you "" Today I have brought some news for all of you again and today's information is very important for all those who always withdraw money from Online ATM. Today's youth has become digital as dangerous if one does not take care. So there is a big loss.

Nowadays we get to see this in the news every day to hear the news of ATM fraud. Having made an Online ATM clone of someone, he chose a million rupees. And friends, we all know this and fall into their trap. What action should be taken that we do not fall into their trap, we will talk about this in this post. Hope you all like and become profitable and don't fall prey to Online ATM fraud.

online atm, sbi online, atm security

Online ATM Pin

Friends, the first caution is regarding ATM PIN, when we go to withdraw money in ATM, first of all it should be seen that there is no one other than us in ATM. If someone is in the shoot boot, do not put the ATM pin in front of him. And if someone is standing behind, then look at his gesture first, understand that if he is even a little suspicious that he is paying attention to our PIN or details, then if there is any doubt, get out.

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ATM Camera

Friends, if you withdraw money from the ATM, then look around the ATM and check in the side of the ATM, check the ATM button on the side and where the card is inserted, also see that the indicator is working if the indicator is not burning. If not, then do not put the card in the ATM. You may have installed a chip that reads the card and works carefully because the money is received with a lot of interest.
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Do not give ATM PIN and card to others

ATM Pin and Card or Banking information should not be given to anyone. Yes, friends should also share banking information such as ATM PIN card details with the family members. If you do this, then understand that you are giving a self-signed check that the person in front can withdraw as much money as he wants.

Do not trust those looking good

Yes, friends, this is the most important, sometimes we go to the ATM and if someone looks read, then help us to withdraw money, never do it because these people chose more hair. Such people will talk to you about your ATM card and take out all the details through the card reader. In such a situation, you can take a little help of the security guard posted in the ATM, but do not put the ATM PIN in front of it, because it can protect your ATM pin or other details.

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Keep ATM PIN hidden from hands

Friends, this habit should always be used. Whenever you go to withdraw money from ATM, then ATM PIN should always be hidden by hands and make this habit whether you have any or not. Because a hidden camera can record and use your ATM PIN. And friends, the style of standing in your ATM room also keeps you safe whenever you go to withdraw money from ATM as much as you can by standing close to ATM machine and withdraw money.

Press the Cancel button

After withdrawing money from ATM, always press the cancel button. And do not leave until you write please insert card or welcome in the ATM and see that where we insert the card, the light is lit repeatedly and shut off, then understand that the processor is finished. Now you can come out safely.

Hopefully, they will all adopt this habit and preserve their earnings. How did you like this post and if you have any suggestions, then please tell in the comment box. And our Facebook page: - Like and follow @pubggamersd. Thank you

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